WordPress Text To Speech Plugin

How to use

Add this shortcode to your page or post to speak the entire page


A button to read only the text surrounded by these shortcodes.


ResponsiveVoice is a HTML5-based Text-To-Speech library designed to add voice features to WordPress across all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

Read Aloud the Page or Post

To have the Listen button appear put the following shortcode anywhere in the text of your page or post.

Read Aloud a Section

Read a whole page, or just sections of text – If you don’t want the whole page or post to be read, just surround the salient text

This tag also supports the voice and buttontext parameters. Additionally, you can place the button after the text (it will be before by default) with the “buttonposition” tag, like so

Change Spoken Voice

The default value is “UK English Female”.

You can change the voice by using one of the following voice names.

Voices available are: UK English Female, UK English Male, US English Female, Spanish Female, French Female, Deutsch Female, Italian Female, Greek Female, Hungarian Female, Turkish Female, Russian Female, Dutch Female, Swedish Female, Norwegian Female, Japanese Female, Korean Female, Chinese Female, Hindi Female, Serbian Male, Croatian Male, Bosnian Male, Romanian Male, Catalan Male, Australian Female, Finnish Female, Afrikaans Male, Albanian Male, Arabic Male, Armenian Male, Czech Female, Danish Female, Esperanto Male, Hatian Creole Female, Icelandic Male, Indonesian Female, Latin Female, Latvian Male, Macedonian Male, Moldavian Male, Montenegrin Male, Polish Female, Brazilian Portuguese Female, Portuguese Female, Serbo-Croatian Male, Slovak Female, Spanish Latin American Female, Swahili Male, Tamil Male, Thai Female, Vietnamese Male, Welsh Male

Change Voice Pitch, Rate and Volume

The shortcodes also allow other parameters. You can adjust the Voice’s pitch, volume and rate with

Change Button Text

The default value is “Listen to this”.

You can change the button text to anything you like.

will change the text on the button to “Play”.


Support and Questions visit here first.

You can find our Frequently Asked Questions and solutions to common problems here. If you have experienced any problems with this plugin please let us know by contacting our support department at https://responsivevoice.org/support website.


  • Listen to any post or page with the tap of a button
  • Shortcodes to place Listen button anywhere on the post or page
  • 51 languages supported through 168 voices
  • Unlimited text to speech
  • Easy access to content for website users, tap to listen to your page or post read aloud
  • A more functional website for a range of users including visually impaired and the elderly
  • Web Accessibility Compliance Group 2.0, ADA and BS 8878:2010 features


Requires at least WordPress version 3.6
Tested up to WordPress version 4.2.3
There are no requirements, you do not need to install cURL.


1. Unzip files.
2. Upload the entire responsivevoice-wp folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
4. Use the [responsivevoice_button] shortcode in your post or page.
5. Enjoy!


You can take a look at the changelog here.

Add ResponsiveVoice Pro For More Features

  • HTML5 Text to Speech
  • Multilanguage Voices
  • Page Welcome Message
  • Select Text to Speak It
  • Speaking Menus and Links
  • Exit Intent Message
  • Message After 30 Seconds of Inactivity
  • Accessibility Spoken Tab Navigation
  • Accessibility Spoken Tab Navigation

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