ResponsiveVoice WordPress plugin changelog

This page include the latest version of the ResponsiveVoice WordPress plugin changelog.


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.17
  • Fix Classic Editor double-encoding some quotes
  • Fix eszett, emdash, and other safe-for-text symbols being encoded and read aloud


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.16
  • Fixed Button won’t trigger audio on Android


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.15


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.14
  • Fix text cutoff for male fallback voices on very long texts


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.13
  • Fix Male fallback voices


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.12
  • Fix US English Male Fallback voice


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.10
  • Fix iOS 12.0.1 bug with languages in native TTS
  • Fixed Hungarian Female voice


  • Upgrade to ResponsiveVoice 1.5.9
  • Fix infinite loop with words longer than the character limit
  • Add Windows 7 US English Female (Anna) and Chinese Female (Lili) voices


  • Adjust rate, volume and pitch through shortcode
  • Full support for US English Male TTS Voice
  • Full support for Arabic Male TTS Voice
  • Full support for Chinese Male TTS Voice
  • Full support for Chinese Hong Kong Male TTS Voice
  • Added French Male TTS Voice
  • Added Deutsch Male TTS Voice / German Male TTS Voice
  • Added Dutch Male TTS Voice
  • Added Hindi Male TTS Voice
  • Added Indonesian Male TTS Voice
  • Added Italian Male TTS Voice
  • Added Japanese Male TTS Voice
  • Added Korean Male TTS Voice
  • Added Polish Male TTS Voice
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese Male TTS Voice
  • Added Portuguese Male TTS Voice
  • Added Spanish Male TTS Voice
  • Added Spanish Latin American Male TTS Voice
  • Added Thai Male TTS Voice
  • Added Turkish Male TTS Voice
  • Added Vietnamese Female TTS Voice
  • Added Moldavian Female TTS Voice
  • Resurrected Greek Male TTS Voice, Swedish Male TTS Voice, Finnish Male TTS Voice, Vietnamese Male TTS Voice, Latin Male TTS Voice
  • Added full pitch support for Norwegian Female TTS Voice, Finnish Female TTS Voice, Arabic Female TTS Voice, Armenian Male TTS Voice, Danish Female TTS Voice, Brazilian Portuguese Female TTS Voice, Slovak Female TTS Voice, Spanish (Latin American) TTS Voice
  • Romanian Male TTS Voice replaced with Romanian Female TTS Voice
  • Deprecated Latin Female TTS Voice, Moldavian Male TTS Voice


  • Improve HTML5 audio stability and initialization
  • Improve look and behaviour of request for permission
  • Improved time estimation for currencies
  • Fixed onend event on iOS


  • Improved fallback handling.


  • Align version with main ResponsiveVoice library to provide more precise support.
  • Fix bug causing some paragraphs to be skipped in very long texts.
  • Improved HTML5 audio stability.
  • Improved HTML5 audio and TTS initialization on iOs and Android.
  • Fixed support for HTML5 audio on Android.
  • Added 54 Microsoft Edge native voices.
  • Improved native voice matching.
  • Improved Split sentences.
  • Improved Decimal places interpreted as pause.
  • Fixed Taiwan native voice priority.
  • Use new iOS10 voices when available for native TTS.
  • Use Edge non-English voices for native TTS.
  • Improved time estimation algorithm.
  • Fixed overlap issue on Android fallback mode.
  • Improve support of non-latin character voices.
  • Deprecated voice: Arabic Male – Updated to Arabic Female.
  • Deprecated voice: Danish Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Finnish Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Greek Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Latin Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Slovak Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Swedish Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Deprecated voice: Vietnamese Male (no longer supported, mapped to female).
  • Minor bugfixes and stability improvements.


  • Add buttonposition parameter to tag.
  • Buttons can now be styled through the responsivevoice-button class.
  • Update compatibility with latest WordPress release.


  • Load ResponsiveVoice through HTTPS.
  • Position ResponsiveVoice button to before paragraph instead of after.


  •  Updated compatibility with WordPress releases.


  • Releases will now be properly tagged, tags can be found in the “tags” section as usual.
  • Added responsivevoice.css and responsivevoice-includes.php.
  • FIX: apostrophes, quotation marks, &, <, >, non-breaking spaces and en dashes will no longer be converted to ASCII codes.


  • Removed ResponsiveVoice icon from buttons, now the speaker emoji is displayed instead.
  • FIX: Text in the button should not wrap around anymore.


  • FIX: multiple instances of ResponsiveVoice buttons now work on the same page.
  • FIX: centered vertical alignment of the ResponsiveVoice logo in buttons.
  • FEATURE: added the possibility to only speak a piece of text. Just surround it with [[responsivevoice]]. Its parameters are voice and buttontext, like with [responsivevoice_button].


  • FIX: Text in [responsivevoice_button] won’t wrap anymore.
  • Added FAQ and Support links to the plugin’s action row in WordPress’ “Installed Plugins” page.


  • Clicking on the RVListenButton on a page while a voice is playing will now stop it.
  • Added support for new standardized shortcode, [RVListenButton].
  • Added support for a “voice” parameter for [RVListenButton], which defaults to UK English Female.
  • Added support for a “buttontext” parameter for [RVListenButton], which defaults to “Listen to this”.


  • Support for voice attribute in shortcode


  • This is the initial release of the plugin.

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