Welcome Message

What is a welcome message?

A welcome message is a short audio snippet that is played to visitors when they access your website.

Why is it useful?

Having a welcome message is an easy way to increase user engagement by offering a more personal experience. In its simplest form, the welcome message can be a greeting (“Welcome to my website”), to make your website friendlier. There are also ways to provide real value to customers with it, for instance by welcoming them with relevant news or important updates.

Another way in which the welcome message can be used is, if the visitor heard your voice message on Google Search, to play an alternative message that continues the story you began on the Google Search Results Page.

How do I set the welcome message?

It’s quite easy! After logging into ResponsiveVoice here, you will be immediately able to see this section on the screen:

There are two settings to the welcome message:

  • Page welcome message:  the standard message users will hear when they visit your website, as soon as it has finished loading. The text itself can be inserted in the textbox right below. You can preview this by clicking on the red button on the right.
  • Play welcome message once per session (PRO): instead of playing the message every time a user loads the website, the welcome message will only be spoken once per session (if the visitor goes to the welcome screen again, the message won’t play a second time).

Awesome! Where can I try this?

You can try the full-featured ResponsiveVoice Pro here!

I still have questions!

No problem, ResponsiveVoice Support is there to answer those questions! You can reach Support from the Contact page.

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