Spoken Tab Navigation

What is Spoken tab navigation?

Spoken tab navigation is an accessibility features that enables text-to-speech whenever a user tabs to an element in the page, i.e. the text for that element (links and other interactive elements) will be spoken out loud.

Why is it useful?

Tab navigation, the act of moving through a webpage by pressing the tab button, is one of the most important accessibility features (in conjunction with CTRL-UP/CTRL-DOWN navigation) required in almost every accessibility certification process to make navigation easier for users with fine motor control fine motor control difficulties.

Turning on this feature provides an additional level of accessibility by also speaking out loud the contents of the element focused through tab navigation.

How do I turn on Spoken tab navigation?

You can turn on Spoken tab navigation from your ResponsiveVoice dashboard.


Make sure the feature is turned on by checking “Speak interactive elements using Tab key”, save, and reload your webpage. That’s all that is needed to turn on the feature.

Awesome! Where can I try this?

Spoken tab navigation is available in ResponsiveVoice Pro. You can try the full-featured ResponsiveVoice Pro here!

I still have questions!

No problem, ResponsiveVoice Support is there to answer those questions! You can reach Support from the Contact page.

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