Text to Speech (TTS) software tools online allow you to dynamically have text from your page or app spoken using computer generated voices. This is useful for adding enhanced communication, accessibility and spoken feedback.

We’ve listed some Text to Speech (TTS) software tools here that are both commercial and free with a review of their features.

Janantala Speech Synthesis (Not Functioning)

Uses server generated voice delivered by audio streaming.
License: MIT License
Example is not operational.

Speech Synthesis polyfill based on Google Translate service. Polyfill downloads audio from Google Translate server using CORS and plays it using audio element. CORS proxy server is required to download audio from google translate service into your web application. Default value is set to http://www.corsproxy.com/ but we would recommend you to use your own server. To set up your own change corsProxyServer attribute in SpeechSynthesisUtterance instance.

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